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Dance Styles

Classes Offered


Tap-Ballet Combo

Recommended for ages 3-9.  This class will involve instruction in both tap and ballet each week.  Some basic tumbling skills may be included.   Students will perform one of the styles at a Christmas recital and both tap and ballet routines at the spring recital.  

Tap-Jazz Combo

Recommended for ages 6-13.  This class will involve instruction in both tap and jazz each week.   Students will perform one of the styles at a Christmas recital and both tap and jazz routines at the spring recital.

Ballet Class

Jazz-Lyrical Combo

Available for ages 11 and up.  This class will involve instruction in both jazz and lyrical each week.  Jazz shoes are used for both styles.  Students will perform one of the styles at the Christmas recital and both jazz and lyrical at the Spring recital. 

Ballet is a classical dance style, using very precise steps and movement.  Ballet is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements.  Many dance styles build from a foundation in ballet.  

Available for ages 6 and up.   Required for competition team dancers age 8 and up.  This class will involve about 60 minutes of dedicated ballet instruction for students wishing to advance their dance skills.  Ballet shoes are required. Students will perform a ballet routine at both Christmas and spring recitals.  

Hip Hop Class

Available for ages  6 and up.  This class will involve  about 60 minutes of instruction in a variety of hip hop styles.  Street shoes are recommended.  Students perform at both the Christmas and spring recitals. 

Hip Hop is a style of dance incorporating urban dances moves.  There are a variety of styles of hip hop, including breaking, tutting, krumping, and freestyle.  Although hip hop dancing is often associated with rap music, it can be performed to many types of songs.  


Jazz is a very fun and energetic style of dance. It is typically paired with upbeat music such as hip-hop or show tunes to add a theatrical flare. These dances often have quick footsteps, lots of leaps and turns and unique moves.



Tap dancers wear special shoes with metal taps on the soles.  Tap dancers create their own drum-like rhythmic patterns and sounds while they dance.  

Hip Hop



Pointe, or toe dancing, is an advanced form of classical ballet in which the dancer supports the entire body weight on the tips of the toes.  Pointe requires the use of pointe shoes which are specially designed to support the foot and distribute the dancers weight.  


Jazz Technique

Available for ages  5 and up.   Required for competition dancers age 6 and up.  This class will involve 60 minutes of instruction in dance fundamentals.  Students will learn the proper methods for turns, leaps, and kicks.  This class is usually taken in addition to a combo class and ballet.     


Lyrical dance is a combination of jazz and ballet techniques and uses the lyrics and mood of the music to express emotion.  


Pointe Class

Available for dancers age 12 and up with strong ballet experience.  This 30 minute class is taken along with another ballet class.  Students will perform at both the Christmas and Spring recital.  

Drill Team Prep

Available for dancers age 13 and up.  This 60 minute class will consist of stretching and flexibility exercises for splits and kicks, kick technique and dance skills for high school drill team.  

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